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Bracelet Sizing Chart

Create Perfectly Fitting Bracelets



There is nothing more frustrating than making a bracelet only to find it is way too tight or loose. It’s easier to make a bracelet for yourself as you can test the fit and length as you work but if you are making a bracelet for someone else you may not be able to do that.

Some designs will be more adaptable than others depending on the materials you are using so it is good to have an idea of the overall length you are aiming for before you start. Here we have a simple guide to help determine bracelet size.

Measure Wrist Size

Measure your wrist using a soft tape measure. If you do not have a tape measure use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler.

However, a 7 inch bracelet will not fit a 7 inch wrist due to the thickness of the materials you’ll be using so you need to add to this measurement.

To Calculate Bracelet Size

As a guide, depending on how snug or loose you want your bracelets to fit add to the measurement taken above to find your bracelet size.

  • Snug fit (will not move around much, tight against your skin) - Add ½ an inch.
  • Comfort fit (not tight against you will move easily) - Add ¾ to 1 inch
  • Relaxed fit (moves around freely on wrist may hang against your hand when your arm is extended) - Add 1 to 1¼ inches.

Sizing guide for bracelets designed for a “comfort” fit

Wrist Size Bracelet Size Inches Bracelet Size Centimetres

Options to Adjust Sizing

You can also incorporate items or features into your design which help to easily adjust the fit of your bracelet such as:

  • Extender chains or additional jump rings - these can give you an extra 1 - 1½ inches to adjust the fit
  • Sliding knots
  • Elasticated cord, depending on your design

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