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Cats Paw Knotted Donut Pendant

Quick & Easy To Make



Create a stylish necklace using the cat’s paw knot. Historically used in fishing with a slight modification and coupled with a natural looking stone this knot gives a nice celtic feel to the finish of this pendant.

Leather pendant knotted


  • Donut shaped pendant (tiger’s eye in example)
  • 2mm leather cord - about 45 inches
  • 2 Jump rings
  • 2 crimp beads / cording ends
  • 1 lobster clasp
  • 1 Decorative bead that will allow 2 lengths of leather through the hole
  • E6000 glue
  • Pliers

Leather pendant with celtic cat's paw knot

Creating the knot

  1. Cut a length of the leather cord about 45 inches long. You could cut your length shorter depending how long your want your finished pendant to be however it is much better to go slightly longer and then trim your work down rather than completing your project and find it is too short, if you start too short there is nothing you can do about it at that point!

  2. Fold the leather cord in half evenly. Thread the loop through the hole in the donut.

leather pendant looped knot

  1. Slip the ends of the cord through the loop and pull it tight against the donut, ensure that your cords are flat and not crossed over each other.

looped leather pendant

  1. Take each cord one side at a time and push the end of the cord back down through the loop on either side of the centre two cords - you should end up with something like this:

caw's paw knot celtic necklace

Ensure that all 4 cords are now lying flat against the donut.

  1. Take the end of the right cord and thread it through the loop on the left pulling it through until it is flat against the stone. Then take the left cord and thread it through the loop on the right. All the time you are doing this keep tight hold of the 4 lengths that are lying against the stone.

cats paw knot

  1. Pull the lengths of cord snuggly against the stone - you may need to adjust your cords slightly, loosening and retightening to get the knot sitting closely against the stone. Keep adjusting your knot and retighten a few times until you are happy with the finish

Cats paw knot

  1. Add your decorative bead to your necklace, the one I used just fit the two lengths of leather through the hole but was quite snug so it won’t move about too much. This adds a nice interesting finish to your piece and also gives the knot a bit of extra security.

cat's paw knot celtic close up

Finishing the Necklace

There a few ways you could finish this necklace, such as a sliding knot, bar and toggle clasp or just a regular overhand knot. Here I’m going to do a basic fastening with a lobster clasp and crimp beads.

Trim your cords down evenly on each side so that your necklace is the length that want. Put a dab of E6000 glue on the ends of the cords and place in the crimp bead, fold each side of the crimp down with your pliers to secure the cord in place, wipe away any excess glue that seeped out from the crimp.

Add a jump ring to one side, and one jump ring and the lobster clasp to the other side. Close up your jump rings and you’re done!

fastening crimp bead lobster clasp

leather knot pendant celtic

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